2018 Ultimate Wine Bar winner

Thank you Santa Clarita! We were informed this week that we won the Ultimate Wine Bar category in Elite Magazines yearly Santa Clarita Dining Guide. As you can imagine, we are THRILLED beyond words. We couldn't of accomplished this award without the hard work of our staff, wine and food partners and best of all, you! To celebrate, stay tuned to specials the entire month of August when Elite Magazine publishes their 2018 Dining Guide. Also, if you haven't registered for our Club yet, download the Newhall Press Room Awards app on Google Play or the App Store. It's simple to sign up and is free to everyone. You'll earn points for every dollar spent in our Wine Club and inside the Bistro. #appst

Lobster Ravioli

As we continue to grow if our offerings, we like to highlight food and wine pairings. If you haven't been in lately, I hope you will enjoy this fantastic new pairing. House-made Lobster Ravioli with San Simeon Viognier. Chef Trevor rolls out the pasta and stuffs each ravioli with a lump of lobster meat. Served with a Creole Bechamel sauce made of shallot, red bell pepper, basil oil and topped with Parmesan and chive. It is by far one of the most delicious dishes I've tried from our scratch kitchen. To top it off, we have a new Viognier from San Simeon that perfectly compliments the dish with a hint of tropical and peach flavors. It is clean and crisp with floral aromas and slight mineral not

PRESS CLUB - Wine showcase

In our first Press Club release, we offered 6 wines to buy by the bottle. A to Z Wineworks Pinot Gris, 2016, was one of the fantastic bottles we offered. We are now offering it by the glass and bottle @Newhall Press Room. Pinot Gris, considered one of the noble grape of Alsace, is grown around the world in cooler, coastal climates. Pinot Gris wines from Alsace have a tendency to be full-bodied, rich floral wines. Terroir effects wine dramatically, causing Pinot Gris Oregon based wines to be medium-bodied, yellow to copper-pink color. The Pinot Gris from A to Z is a great example that this grape showcases. Beautiful floral aromas, reminiscent of jasmine, elderflower and white roses, along wit


This week, we launched our house-made sangria. We now have a red and white sangria. Sangria at it's core was a drink created to make water safe to drink while adding flavor. Dating back to it's inception in 1100 B.C., sangria has taken may twists and turns, now providing us a refreshing chilled drink. It celebrates the gathering, the wine, the fruit and enjoyment life. Stop in to try our new red or white sangria this week. It won't disappoint! white sangria - pear, peach, mango with hints of pineapple & melon red sangria - orange, apple, blueberry, with hints of vanilla & blackberry

Enjoying wine flights

Why try a wine flight? At it's core, wine is an agricultural product that is directly effected by the terrier it is grown. In addition, wine making styles, aging, types of barrels used, fermentation etc. change the taste of the wine within the same grape varietal. This brings us to wine flights. Offering flights allows everyone to try several wines within a varietal or to compare varietals to fine tune ones palette or to further learn what wines pair with what foods. This week we are offering 3 new flights. Stop in to #yourwineshop to taste these wonderful selections and learn more. Here are new wine flights below. Rose Famille Perrin Reserve, Cotes du Rhone, Rose | 2016 red fruit and citrus

Father's Day weekend!

As we grow in our efforts to serve the community, we are growing and expanding our offerings to you. Our Mother's Day celebration connected with many in the community as we offered a celebration of Mom's. It allowed us to reflect on our initial mission to bring a comfortable location, to celebrate life with our friends and family. To that end, we are offering a pre-fix menu, including steak or lobster ravioli dishes along with with $1 draft beers with the purchase of the pre-fix menu. The pre-fix menu will be available on Saturday and Sunday night. In addition to our dinner offering, we are offering a special short-rib eggs Benedict with house-made Hollandaise sauce. This will be available S

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