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Enjoying wine flights

Why try a wine flight?

At it's core, wine is an agricultural product that is directly effected by the terrier it is grown. In addition, wine making styles, aging, types of barrels used, fermentation etc. change the taste of the wine within the same grape varietal.

This brings us to wine flights. Offering flights allows everyone to try several wines within a varietal or to compare varietals to fine tune ones palette or to further learn what wines pair with what foods.

This week we are offering 3 new flights. Stop in to #yourwineshop to taste these wonderful selections and learn more.

Here are new wine flights below.


Famille Perrin Reserve, Cotes du Rhone, Rose | 2016

red fruit and citrus fruit (bergamot, grapefruit) and a lot of freshness

Olivini, Chiaretta, Rose | 2016

smell of rose and peach, fresh and delicious flavor with an almond aftertaste

Kunde, Magnolia Lane, Sonoma, Rose | 2017

exquisite flavor profiles of watermelon and cherry and perfect acidic balance


Balletto, Russian River Valley, Unoaked Chardonnay | 2016

Tart fresh-squeezed lemon, anise, caramel apple, pear, crisp and dry

Hartford Court, Russian River Valley, Chardonnay | 2016

N: jasmine flower, citrus oil, green apple, pear P: fresh kiwi, lemon drop, apple

Smith-Madrone, Napa Valley, Chardonnay | 2014 |R|

apples, pear, almonds, a creamy mouthfeel, tangy and appealing acidity


Livermore Ranch, Livermore Valley, Merlot | 2013

blackberry, vanilla and toffee, garnet colored Merlot

Educated Guess, Napa Valley, Merlot | 2015

Oak, cinnamon, plum, black cherry flavors alongside a richness of milk chocolate

Pride, Napa Valley, Merlot | 2015 |R|

N: strawberry, blueberry, plum P: berry, lollipop fruit notes, finish is rich, ripe, velvety

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