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PRESS CLUB - Wine showcase

In our first Press Club release, we offered 6 wines to buy by the bottle. A to Z Wineworks Pinot Gris, 2016, was one of the fantastic bottles we offered. We are now offering it by the glass and bottle @Newhall Press Room.  

Pinot Gris, considered one of the noble grape of Alsace, is grown around the world in cooler, coastal climates. Pinot Gris wines from Alsace have a tendency to be full-bodied, rich floral wines. Terroir effects wine dramatically, causing Pinot Gris Oregon based wines to be medium-bodied, yellow to copper-pink color. The Pinot Gris from A to Z is a great example that this grape showcases. Beautiful floral aromas, reminiscent of jasmine, elderflower and white roses, along with complex fruit notes of nectarines, melon, pear, yellow plums and apples, lemon, lime even grapefruit zest and a touch of guava, clover honey and hand-made marshmallows. Not surprisingly, this wine goes with almost anything on our menu, or just by itself.  

When starting your journey into wine, A to Z Wineworks is highly recommended as a great example of Pinot Gris from Oregon. We can enjoy this fantastic bottle together, or feel free to take home with friends.

One last thing, this bottle boasts 90 points from Wine Enthusiast and is considered a Best Buy.

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