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Lobster Ravioli

As we continue to grow if our offerings, we like to highlight food and wine pairings. If you haven't been in lately, I hope you will enjoy this fantastic new pairing.

House-made Lobster Ravioli with San Simeon Viognier. Chef Trevor rolls out the pasta and stuffs each ravioli with a lump of lobster meat. Served with a Creole Bechamel sauce made of shallot, red bell pepper, basil oil and topped with Parmesan and chive. It is by far one of the most delicious dishes I've tried from our scratch kitchen. To top it off, we have a new Viognier from San Simeon that perfectly compliments the dish with a hint of tropical and peach flavors. It is clean and crisp with floral aromas and slight mineral notes. This is a must have.

Hope to see you this weekend @newhallpressroom #yourwineshop #ultimatewinebar

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